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Our Story

Eat! Eat! It's good for you.

Cinque Ristorante is the creation of Five siblings. For more than 60 years our family has been a part of the Ringwood community, after our parents emigrated to Australia in the 1950s to raise the five of us and build a local business. We grew up in this community and have made it a home for our own families. Cinque Ristorante provides us with the opportunity to share our family’s passion for food and our traditions with Ringwood diners.


A long-held dream has become a reality with the opening of Cinque Ristorante. We wanted to give Melbourne food lovers the opportunity to taste Italian food – the food we grew up eating with our large and loud family – in a new way.

‘It has been a dream for our family to open a restaurant together – a place where we can bring our traditions and passions together and share these with others, where people can gather to celebrate, commiserate or just be together. With Cinque Ristorante, we are doing just that.’


Food is central to every moment in our family. In both the great times and the not so good, we come together and share a meal and some wine. Cinque Ristorante is our way of inviting you to our big Italian family’s dining table, where only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients are used to create traditional dishes with a modern twist.

Executive Chef

Fabrizio Mutta


‘Italian food is based on simplicity and respect for the ingredients, enhancing the best taste and not wasting anything.’

Roman-born and raised, like many Italians Fabrizio learnt to cook in his nonna’s kitchen, rolling pasta and kneading dough from a young age. These early foundations inspired Fabrizio’s passion for cooking and love of Italian cuisine.

Chef Mutta has worked within the walls of famous restaurants such as Imàgo all’Hassler, and under some of the best chefs in Italy, including Francesco Apreda and Massimo Bottura. Moving to Australia in 2015, he took on the role of sous chef at a hatted Melbourne Italian restaurant and later co-founded White Truffle Italian Cooking School with Adriano Dimaso. He now steps into the role of head chef at Cinque Ristorante, with Adriano alongside him as Sous Chef.

Fabrizio brings creativity and a belief in the power of food to bring people together to Cinque Ristorante. His experience and knowledge have led to the creation of a unique and beautiful menu, showcasing a youthful modern spin on Italian classics that results in dishes somehow both familiar and new.


‘The food is always there: in ceremonies, hard moments, commemorations, and in every important moment of your life. I feel very lucky to have the chance to make people happy with my job. My desire for the food at Cinque is to make a beautiful mix of tradition and innovation.’

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